Rosemary District Mural

Learn about our collaboration with Ringling College to inspire a neighborhood.

Neighborhood Renaissance

In a collaborative community project between DreamLarge and Ringling College of Art + Design, Nick Dahill, Stanislav Mehne, and Zoë Miolla transformed the façade of a building in 72 hours with the help of a host of fellow college students. Little did they know the project would spark an ambitious discussion around entrepreneurship.

Rosemary District Crew

The mural on the corner of Central Avenue and Boulevard of the Arts celebrates people, ideas, nature, and creativity: the illustrious phrase behind the acronym PINC.

“I hope when people see this mural that they take the directive of ‘dreaming large’ seriously and it inspires them to do something outside of their comfort zone and make a difference. Through this experience, it’s opened my eyes to the rich community that we have here – rich in spirit. I got to see how much potential there really is here in Sarasota and that got me excited.” - Nick Dahill

See more of the artists work here:

Nick Dahill

Stanislav Mehne

Zoë Miolla

“The original idea was to paint a mural to serve as the centerpiece for inspiration and creativity within the Rosemary District,” said DreamLarge Founder, Anand Pallegar. “PINC was built around those principles and is the perfect home for the renaissance taking place here.”

You can view the DreamLarge mural at 600 Central Avenue in the Rosemary District.
Click here for a map.

Rosemary District Wedding

DreamLarge and Ringling COllege of Art and Design

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