PINC is People, Ideas, Nature, Creativity.
These themes are the heartbeat of this unique experience.

In partnership with Ringling College of Art and Design

PINC.Sarasota - December 6, 2018

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PINC is an inspiring cascade of new ideas, great stories, and impressive visual presentations that culminate into a day-long conference delivered by a superb selection of international speakers from every imaginable discipline. These speakers have little in common except a passion for what they do and absolute faith in the power of innovation, inspiration, and creativity.

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PINC is punctuated with experiences and surprises that will emotionally move and challenge you to find new perspective, foster new ways of thinking, and most of all, be deeply inspired. The PINC Experience brings together thought leaders, innovators, creative thinkers, entrepreneurs, specialists, designers, artists, scientists, and people looking to stimulate their mind, heart, and brain.

In 2016, the global conference was acquired by DreamLarge, and the PINC Experience became a core initiative of the company designed to infuse new creative life into the communities it touches.

Past speakers include Temple Grandin, Art Editor of The New Yorker Françoise Mouly, John Wood, SXSW Founder Louis Black, Nobel Prize nominee Jaha Dukureh, and NASA Astronaut Story Musgrave, to name a few.

"With PINC there is always a surprise around the corner! Either the presenters are blowing your mind or you are experiencing something with all five senses. PINC rocks!" - Mark Pritchett
President & CEO, Gulf Coast Community Foundation
We are so excited to be the presenting partner of PINC Sarasota, again! Ringling stands for innovation, creativity and thinking outside the box and that is exactly what PINC is bringing to our community. Get ready to be inspired. - Larry Thompson
President, Ringling College of Art + Design
"Creativity is at the core of Sarasota’s identity. We are enormously proud to help sponsor an event whose long term success will help make our city synonymous with creative thinking around the world." - Michael Saunders
Founder & CEO, Michael Saunders & Company

PINC is a feast for the brain and all its senses. It’s a bubble bath for your mind that is meant to inspire the audience with creativity and innovation. This is not a typical conference.

There is no Power Point telling you how to be a better business leader, there is no grab bag full of pens and notepads handed out at the end, there is no sad, soggy sandwich served midday. This is PINC. And PINC is incredible.

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