Each year, the World Wide Fund for Nature hosts Earth Hour, urging everyone across the globe to switch off their lights for an hour to shine a light on climate action. In an effort to localize this global effort, we spun off a mini-campaign for Earth Hour’s tenth anniversary, Lights Out SRQ.

The solution starts at home. What better way to unite the community in doing something simple with the potential for major impact? On March 25, 2017, we asked everyone to join Earth Hour, turn off the lights and share photos with #LightsOutSRQ.

We enjoyed it so much, we’re doing it again. And again. And again after that. In fact, we’ve decided to host one per quarter. Stay tuned as we continue to grow this initiative.

Interested in joining us for the next one?

Mark your calendar...

Monday, June 5th: #LightsOutSRQ on World Environment Day
Sunday, September 10th: #LightsOutSRQ on National Swap Ideas Day
Thursday, December 21st: #LightsOutSRQ on National Flashlight Day

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